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Custom Rubber Stamp Generator

Need a rubber stamp design that no one has sitting on a shelf? We will manufacture a custom rubber stamp on our pre-ink mount using your rubber stamp design. Start designing your own custom rubber stamp now with our user friendly stamp generator.


View our custom stamp tutorial!

Our video tutorial may help if you are having trouble designing your own stamp. This is a short video-based tutorial that walks you through the design process of a rubber stamp using this generator. We add images, text, and drawings to create a brand-new custom product that fits your needs. View our video tutorial.

How do I design my own rubber stamp?

In the custom rubber stamp generator above, there is a library of available images. Use your mouse to drag the images onto the design area.

You can also add text to your custom rubber stamp, by using our text tool. This button is marked with a "A". You can adjust font, size, and rotation of your text once added to the design area.

If you want to add your own drawings, this version of our rubber stamp generator allows you to use the paintbrush tool to add your own designs.

Custom rubber stamp sizes

The rulers displayed on the design area (can be turned off with the ruler button) will indicate the estimated size of your custom rubber stamp.

The available size for your rubber stamp (and applicable price) will be displayed on the right side of the application. If your stamp will not fit one of our mounts, then the design area will turn red. Simply rearrange your rubber stamp design to make it fit within the allowable sizes.

All of our custom stamps will be manufactured using a pre-ink rubber stamp mount.

      Pre-ink Rubber Stamps:

  • Modern Slim Stamps™ don't require old-fashioned messy ink pads
  • Clean and accurate impressions every time
  • Noiseless operation
  • Slim design for easy storage and convenient portability

Want to add more to your rubber stamp?

Send us an email via the contact information found on our Contact Us page. We are eager to add new functionality to this user friendly rubber rubber stamp design tool. Let us know what you want to see and we'll review the capability to add the functionality.

Other questions?

Feel free to Contact Us with your questions or technical issues concerning this custom rubber stamp design process.

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